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Uweza’s First Paint and Sip Event

While poets express themselves with words, visual artists do so with painting or drawing. Painting creates an opportunity to convey ideas, express emotion, use senses, explore color, explore process and outcomes, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences. Every year, the world celebrates Creativity & Innovation Day on the 21st…
April 26, 2022
Uweza Soccer Academy

Developing the Kibera Community through Soccer

In the words of UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed, “Sport has the power to align our passion, energy and enthusiasm around a collective cause. And that is precisely when hope can be nurtured and trust can be regained. It is in our collective interest to harness the tremendous power…
April 6, 2022
Uweza Art Gallery

Building the Next Generation of Artistic Talent

Students across Kenya are currently on a long break from school until the end of April and this can be a risky time for children in Kibera if they are not engaged in productive activities. So for the next several weeks, we will be holding our art classes six days…
March 21, 2022
EventsPartnershipsUweza Art Gallery

Uweza 10th Art-Versary

This month, our art program turned ten years old. What once started as an art class in a room of our community center in November 2011 has now bloomed into Uweza Art Gallery. Over the last 10 years, our art program has nurtured talented artists in Kibera by providing them…
December 4, 2021

Mentorship: an intervention to mold positive behavior

Young people need continuous support in the form of mentorship and development of social and life skills. In a fast changing world, navigating life can be challenging and without adult support and guidance for the youth, we could lose them to social ills, depression and anxiety that would adversely affect…
August 9, 2021
Girls Club

Saying No to Period Poverty

By: Atieno Muyuyi Photo credit: Mufadhal Musa Having periods is still unaffordable in Kenya...we still have a big number of teenage girls and even married women who can’t access sanitary towels or afford to buy one! We still have areas that use traditional methods when it comes to menstruation! We…
June 8, 2021