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PartnershipsUweza Art Gallery

The Uweza Story: A Kofisi Film

Two years ago this month, a team from Kofisi Africa visited us at Uweza Art Gallery for the first time.  Since then, we have enjoyed a synergistic partnership that has seen Kofisi decorate their gorgeous co-working spaces around Nairobi with Uweza artwork. They have purchased more than 200 pieces of…
September 29, 2022
EventsPartnershipsUweza Art Gallery

Our Second Paint & Sip

We have had an artsy month and the highlight of this was our 2nd Paint & Sip held at Kofisi Africa's beautiful space in Karen. Thanks to the support of our partners, Kofisi, OAM Studios and Kuzi Trading Company as well as everyone who attended, it was a fun-filled night…
July 1, 2022
EventsPartnershipsUweza Art Gallery

Uweza’s First Paint and Sip Event

While poets express themselves with words, visual artists do so with painting or drawing. Painting creates an opportunity to convey ideas, express emotion, use senses, explore color, explore process and outcomes, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences. Every year, the world celebrates Creativity & Innovation Day on the 21st…
April 26, 2022
Uweza Art Gallery

Building the Next Generation of Artistic Talent

Students across Kenya are currently on a long break from school until the end of April and this can be a risky time for children in Kibera if they are not engaged in productive activities. So for the next several weeks, we will be holding our art classes six days…
March 21, 2022
EventsPartnershipsUweza Art Gallery

Uweza 10th Art-Versary

This month, our art program turned ten years old. What once started as an art class in a room of our community center in November 2011 has now bloomed into Uweza Art Gallery. Over the last 10 years, our art program has nurtured talented artists in Kibera by providing them…
December 4, 2021
Impact StoriesUweza Art Gallery

Two Uweza Artists Start Their Own Business

In 2017, Uweza artists Syimon and Kevin started a t-shirt printing company. Combining savings from the sales of their paintings at the gallery and jobs they held, they purchased their first printing machine and started to spread the word among friends. They ran their new business out of their house…
June 3, 2021