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Kibera NewsPhotography
January 11, 2020

Fires in Kibera

Fires are a major challenge for residents of Kibera and break out several times each month. The cause of the fires is not always known but suspected causes include electrical faults, gas explosions, and the knocking over of lanterns, stoves, and candles. Because homes and businesses are located very close…
Kibera NewsPhotography
December 24, 2019

Heavy Rains in Kibera

Over the last several few months, Kenya has been receiving unusually heavy rainfall. Kibera's proximity to the Ngong River and poor drainage systems make the community especially susceptible to flooding. Residents that live in homes that are built along the river are the most affected. Uweza photography class graduate and…
November 16, 2019

Kenya Through the Eyes of Photography Students

A few weeks ago, we graduated our second cohort of photography students. As part of their graduation, they were tasked with taking photos on any subject in Kenya. The best 43 photos were selected, exhibited at the graduation, and are posted here. The collection offers a glimpse into life in…
September 9, 2019

World Press Photo Photography Training

Last week, our photography students had the chance to attend a two-day Word Press Photo Photography Training at PAWA 254. The training was led by renowned Kenyan photographers and covered topics such as telling your own story, the importance of citizen journalism, using photography to promote environmental conservation and bring…
Life in KiberaPhotography
September 5, 2019

School Holidays in Kibera

This week, students across Kenya return to school after a month-long break. Cedrick Joseph (Twin candids), a graduate of our photography class and resident of Kibera, has spent the last few weeks traveling around the slum and documenting how children spend their holiday. His photos and accompanying captions are a…
August 28, 2019

Photography Students in the Field

Last week, our photography students headed out into the community with one of our photography teachers, Atieno Muyuyi, to put some of the skills they have been learning into action and practice telling stories through photography. These are some of the photos they took: