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Fires are a major challenge for residents of Kibera and break out several times each month. The cause of the fires is not always known but suspected causes include electrical faults, gas explosions, and the knocking over of lanterns, stoves, and candles. Because homes and businesses are located very close together, fires spread quickly. The first responders in fire incidents are almost always the local residents, who work together to contain the fire and minimize damage despite limited water access.

Last Thursday night, a fire broke out in the Mashimoni neighborhood of Kibera. The fire was eventually put out by the fire department but not before many families lost everything.

Uweza photography class graduate Mufadhal Taib Jee visited the scene as families were working to collect any belongings that they had left the next morning. He felt that it was important to cover the story to bring awareness to the issue and reach anyone who might be able to help or support the families affected.

If you wish to make a donation to help these families get back on their feet, you can do so via our website or via MPESA to 0799890840. If you are in Kibera and wish to visit, you can get in touch with Mufadhal. We will make sure that any amount reaches the families so they can begin to recover.