Board of Directors - USA

Stephanie Proesel

President, Board of Directors

Stephanie works in the specialty biotech/pharma industry. Stephanie has achieved numerous sales awards throughout her career, most recently being named top sales manager/team of the year for the 4 straight years she held the role. Stephanie is a member of the Junior League of Raleigh, NC which is committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Stephanie’s personal passions are all centered on finding kindness in the world we live in and expanding upon it. She spends her free time with her husband and two sons, Grayson (6) and Lincoln (3).

Marie Delecourt-Gould

Vice President, Board of Directors

Marie first traveled to Kenya in 2017 to volunteer in Kibera. Since then, she has devoted her philanthropic efforts toward developing the Uweza Foundation and also helping the Red Rose School in Kibera to educate many children in need. In June 2018 and 2019, Marie and her son Pierrick returned to Kibera with seven high school volunteers from the US. With the help of Uweza, Pierrick built a special program called Project Kenya to allow these teenagers to work in the slum. Previously, Marie was a senior communications executive in France with the oil company Elf Aquitaine (now Total), working and traveling extensively in Africa.

Amy Auguston

Secretary, Board of Directors

Amy first traveled as a volunteer to Kibera in 2007, and she has been involved with Uweza since its inception in 2008. As a communications professional, Amy has lived and worked in the US, Europe, and in East and West Africa. Through Uweza, Amy has sponsored two girls from Kibera for several years, and she is especially proud of Uweza's programs to protect and empower girls and women.

Tara Bukowski

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Tara traveled to Kenya in 2006 to volunteer in Kibera. On this trip she met Uweza Executive Director Jen and has been an Uweza supporter since its inception. She is a teacher in Buffalo, NY and does lots of volunteer work with local animal rescue groups. She is happy to be a part of Uweza and is looking forward to traveling to Kenya sometime in the near future.

Peter Mutua

Member, Board of Directors

Peter was born in Nairobi, Kenya. He now lives in New York City where he has enjoyed a 22 year-long career with United Nations. For the past two decades he has focused on peacekeeping, political affairs, development and emergency response across the globe. His geographic focus includes South Sudan, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea. After leaving Kenya at a young age to attend primary school in London, he went on to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where he earned a Master of Science in African Studies. Peter enjoys experiencing the cultures of the globe and can often be caught on his motorbike traveling around the States.

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Rooney Mara

Member, Board of Directors

Rooney first traveled to Kibera in 2006 and has supported the work of several organizations in Kenya and throughout Africa ever since. She has worked with Uweza since its inception in 2008, after meeting Uweza Executive Director Jen in 2006 while volunteering at a children's home in Kibera. The Art Program is of special importance to her and was the program she was the most passionate about starting and supporting.

Dorothy Coletta

Member, Board of Directors

Dorothy has over 25 years of experience supporting human resource and payroll applications for several large, global clients in a variety of industries and has extensive knowledge and experience with implementing and supporting benefit administration platforms.

Dorothy is passionate about giving back to her community and has close to 20 years of non-profit leadership experience. She understands the importance of an organization's mission and enjoys supporting these missions, whether by volunteering in the community or by sitting on non-profit boards. She is currently working towards her Executive Scholar Certificate in Non-Profit Management through Northwestern-Kellogg’s Executive Education program.

Our Team - Kenya

Jen Sapitro

Executive Director

Jen grew up in the United States and first traveled to Kibera to volunteer in 2006. She founded Uweza in 2008 and after earning a Masters Degree in Public Health and International Development in 2011, moved to Kenya and became a full-time Kibera resident.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? It is important to me that Uweza's solutions to Kibera's challenges are developed and implemented by Kibera residents. My role is to make sure that I am always learning and to support local ideas and solutions.

Why do you like working with Uweza? Uweza focuses on the positive aspects of life in Kibera. The children and youth that we work with inspire me every single day.

Japheth Okoth

Country Director

Jeff grew up in Kibera and has thirteen year of experience leading non-profits focused on children and youth including Children of Kibera, Maisha Foundation, Oasis Africa Australia, and Kenya Education Fund. He started working with Uweza in 2016.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? I hope to be part of a team that is impacting young people in Kibera through the various programs offered by Uweza.

Why do you like working for Uweza? Uweza is directly impacting the lives of the people in Kibera and I can see the success stories of the different beneficiaries of our programs. It's fun to work with young people who you learn from as much as you are also there to guide them.

Charles Kaindi

Head Coach and Manager, Uweza Soccer Academy

Charles grew up playing soccer in Kibera. He has more than 20 years experience coaching teams including Olympic Strikers, Excel, O.L.E. Combined, and Aga Khan Sports Club. He joined Uweza in 2009 and is the founder of Uweza Soccer Academy.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? I hope to see Uweza participate in international tournaments and own it's own soccer stadium. I would like to see both the men's and women's team participating in the Kenya Premier League. I want to create and empower more player coaches and see more Uweza football players join universities.

Why do you like working with Uweza? I am empowered to implement my own ideas, knowledge of football, and experience as a coach.

Maxwell Anduvati

Logistics Coordinator

Maxwell first joined Uweza as a player for Uweza Soccer Academy. He started volunteering in at our office after attending a photography training held at Uweza. He became a member of our team in 2016 and takes most of the photos featured on our social media and website.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? I want to give my best service to Uweza as a person and employee and achieve Uweza's goal of nurturing and building others. I want to learn from everyone at Uweza and grow to be a better person.

Why do you like working with Uweza? At my work, I have space to grow and make decisions. My input as a team member is always included, making me take ownership of everything that I do.

Agripiner Amatemo

Girls/Women Coordinator

Agripiner grew up in Kibera and previously worked with LitWorld on girls' mentorship. She has a Bachelors degree in Economics. She started leading our girls' empowerment club and Bright Futures program in July 2017.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? I would like to mentor our program participants who will be able to take over my job someday in the future.

Why do you like working with Uweza? I have a platform to be able to change the lives of girls in Kibera and give them a sense of hope, belonging, and confidence that they can achieve anything. I love working with young mothers because I want to change their beliefs that they cannot have lives after having babies and show them that they have a second chance to change their situations. In the process, I learn a lot from both groups.

Frank Okoth

Uweza Art Gallery Manager

Frank first joined Uweza Art Gallery as an artist in 2015. In 2017, he took up the position of running the gallery and led the gallery to its first year of 100% self-sustainability in 2018. In addition to being the best-selling artist at the gallery last year, Frank also now mentors younger artists and oversees Uweza's art classes for children.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? I want to use the help and support I get at Uweza to become a better person and role model in society.

Why do you like working with Uweza? It is a place that provides children and youth with the chance to nurture their skills and achieve their dreams.

Domitila Wangui

Girls/Women Teams Coach

Domitila has previously coached for soccer teams and schools throughout Nairobi. She now coaches the girls and women's teams at Uweza Soccer Academy, including Uweza Women FC. She is the only female coach to lead a girls and women's soccer program in Kibera.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? I would like to see my players to make it to play in the Kenya Women's Premier League and to be selected for the national women's team.

Why do you like working with Uweza? I feel that she is part of helping girls and women achieve their dreams through soccer and at the same time, ensuring that they become better people in the future.

Said Mohamed

Youth Teams Coach

Said has previously worked as a coach with Kibera Black Stars and has received basic coaching certification from both local and international trainers. He has worked with Uweza since 2012.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? Personally, I would like to become a recognized coach locally and internationally. Professionally, I would like to improve the capacity of Uweza players, develop their skills, and help them reach their goals.

Why do you like working with Uweza? Uweza gives me the freedom to express the experience I have through my work. Uweza also helps me improve by supporting me to attend training sessions in various topics.

Atieno Muyuyi

Photography Teacher

Atieno has a Diploma in Journalism and has worked with different Kibera organizations in communications before becoming a freelance photographer in 2017. Today, she is one of Kibera’s most well-known photographers and is paving the way for more women to join the male-dominated field. She is one of the teachers of Uweza’s photography classes.

What is your goal for your work with Uweza? I want to see the youth I teach become more independent and able to tell captivating and stories about Kibera and other communities through the lens. I also want to mentor more female photographers and see them join the field.

Why do you like working with Uweza? The photography classes are free for the students and this inspires her to share her skills and passion. She is looking forward to changing the perception among youth in Kibera and beyond that they can’t make a living through art and photography.