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Recently, while participating in an internship at Uweza, Lianne Haak conducted an evaluation of our girls program. According to Lianne:

“The purpose of this evaluation report is to determine the effectiveness of the Golden Girls Power Programme….for this evaluation, I use qualitative evaluation tools, basing the definition of ‘effectiveness’ on definitions given by the creators and participants of the programme. Furthermore, I aim to make stakeholder’s observations the main part of this evaluation, as they are familiar with the environment this programme is set in.”

Some highlights from the report:

“Prior to starting the programme, girls in Kibera were asked what hardships they struggle with, and the following list was given: “early pregnancy, peer pressure, lack of direction in life, poverty, lack of opportunities for education and/or having to drop out of school, rape” (Golden Girls Power, 2021). These coincide with a recent study done in Kibera, in which youth noted that violence, lack of education, insecurity and drug abuse are the major problems facing youth (Onyango and Tostenston, 2015). In addition, girls are at extra risk in Kibera, as they are significantly less likely than boys to have safe spaces or sources of support, and are at high risk of violence and rape (Erulkar and Matheka, 2007).”

“Fatna, who has been part of GGP since she was 13, reports she has “through golden girls learnt [sic] a lot about girls early pregnancy and prevention, and girls health… the list is endless.” Some younger participants report learning most from the skills workshops, such as hair dressing. Once a year, GGP goes on an educational trip, a highlight of the programme according to several participants. Rafsa mentions that through GGP she gets to “visit places [she] had never visited.”

“To encourage girls to speak up, Atieno often starts a session asking each girl to say how they are doing, either to the group or to another participant… Empowerment classes are also given. In April 2023 the girls learned to chant: “I have power, I have strength, and I am confident” with Jay Tarrique in order to raise their voices and self image.”

“…the girls are treated with respect and equality; the programme takes a community approach…Since the start of the programme, the input of the girls has been of utmost importance. Stakeholder input in the making of a programme leads to a programme that fits their needs – and thus they keep coming back. Girls of all ages have a say – “everybody is treated the same” (Fatna).

“To conclude, I will pose the answers given to the question: what else would you like to say about GGP? “I am very grateful for all the things that golden girls offers to us.” “Golden Girls is the best place to be.” It is “the best safe space for girls in Kibera.” “I LOVE golden girls, I love to dance and play games.” “I like the biscuits and juice very much.” “I am glad my daughter goes to Golden Girls.” These reflect the other positive answers given, and the overall positive evaluation drawn above.”

Read the entire evaluation here.