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“I think anyone can do art as long as they have passion for it. Female representation in art spaces is small, including here at Uweza. Being in this space comes with lots of challenges, especially being a woman.
I am a mother to a 5 year-old and sometimes motherhood, among other challenges, pushes us women back when it comes to our careers. This allows the other gender to be able excel in certain fields, including art.
Also our African background and upbringing have made us believe that art belongs to men and I want to break that belief. If you look at the sales here at Uweza, my paintings move very fast. I am currently working on a piece requested by a client. I feel powerful being in this space.”
– Murrel, age 27, artist at Uweza Art Gallery
There are just TWO days left until #InternationalWomensDay2022 and we are continuing to ask for donations of $5 / 500 KSH to show your support for our programs that are breaking biases and righting the wrongs that have historically prevented women from reaching their full potential.

Donate at or MPESA Paybill 247247 Account 890840
Photo credit:  Atieno Muyuyi