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Uweza 10th Art-Versary

By Events, Partnerships, Uweza Art Gallery

This month, our art program turned ten years old. What once started as an art class in a room of our community center in November 2011 has now bloomed into Uweza Art Gallery. Over the last 10 years, our art program has nurtured talented artists in Kibera by providing them…

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Thirteen Awareness Murals!

By COVID-19, Partnerships, Uweza Art Gallery

We are all stronger when we work together. Today, Uweza artists painted a Covid-19 awareness mural in Ngando, Nairobi in collaboration with Tazama Nia, an amazing community-based organization. They have been working around the clock to provide hand washing stations, learning materials, face masks, food assistance, and more to their…

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Growing from Art to Heart

By Kibera News, Uweza Art Gallery

“We decided as artists to go around to write murals, to spread the message of the coronavirus. We wanted to emphasise the common enemy of the virus, that people should be aware of it, they should not take this virus for granted, they should be serious,” says artist Josphat Ndemo,…

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COVID-19 Talking Murals 2

By COVID-19, Kibera News, Uweza Art Gallery

Uweza Art Gallery artists continued their awareness campaign in Lindi and Laini Saba. We continue to remind everyone that, although we recognize the challenges in doing so for Kibera residents, the best way to prevent the spread of the virus and keep yourself and everyone around you safe is to…

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