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“We decided as artists to go around to write murals, to spread the message of the coronavirus. We wanted to emphasise the common enemy of the virus, that people should be aware of it, they should not take this virus for granted, they should be serious,” says artist Josphat Ndemo, 25, from Kibera.
Ndemo works alongside other local artists who are members of the Uweza Art Gallery, a space for young artists from Kibera to create and market their own original art. He has been painting since he was 12 years old, usually working on canvas with acrylics to create a range of striking images from portraits, to animals and buildings.
Now the artists of Uweza are now turning their attention away from their art and towards the wellbeing of their community. “We are not drawing, we are not making pieces of art. We decided to take initiative to help minimise the spread of the coronavirus.”