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[Norman, Brian, and Vincent are first year high school students who participate in Uweza’s Sponsorship Program. This story of their academic journey is written in their own words, without any changes by Uweza]

Uweza first supported us to school in 2009. We joined Class 1 (first grade) at Olympic Primary School. Our life changed compared to the life we had in pre-school. We had everything we needed, for example, textbooks, pencils, and exercise books, just to name a few. We were not sent home like other pupils whose parents were as poor as church mice because everything was paid for us in advance.

We experienced some challenges like failing exams and tests but we did not give up. Sometimes, we were build by the senior pupils because of our small body appearance, especially in Class 1, 2, and 3. Peer pressure was also a challenge but we took the right action.

After working very hard for eight years, the final examination was awaiting at the corner. After doing the final revision, the exam arrived. We knew it will be like the common exams we did, so we did not fear. We faced it courageously and when they results were out, we were among the best.

Now we are happy as larks for we are going to join high schools. We will continue to work hard to get good grades. We hope to be better people when we finish our education. We thank Uweza for their support. We also hope that they will continue to support other poor families just like they have supported the three of us.

– Norman, Muranga High School, 15 years old
– Vincent, Katheka Boys High School, 14 years old
– Brian, Dagoretti High School, 15 years old