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Three years ago, a friend contacted us about a student named Peter who had dropped out of school just before eighth grade due to lack of school fees and was working casual jobs to try and help his family.

With her support, we were able to offer Peter a place in our Sponsorship Program and enroll him at a primary school in Kibera so that he could complete eighth grade. His KCPE scores at the end of the year earned him a place in a boys’ boarding high school. He is performing well academically and this month, started his third year of high school.

He recently wrote, “It motivates me that someone somewhere cares about me. I have been raised from a child laborer to a person with great visions and dreams and also goals to achieve. When my dreams come true, the fruits which will come out of it will actually help the community.”

[pictured: Peter in 2017 and Peter now]