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As of yesterday, Kenya had 59 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Last week, in partnership with Lookslike Avido and Project Kenya, we launched the COVID-19: Protecting Kibera campaign to try and protect as many residents of Kibera as we can.
As countries around the world combat the spread of the disease with social distancing and self-isolation, Kibera residents, who often rely on daily incomes between $2 and $5, are struggling. Many have lost their jobs and sources of income and those that are still able to work put themselves at risk of contracting the disease on a daily basis just to feed their families or pay their rent.
In the past week, we have achieved the following:
– 10 Awareness murals were painted around Kibera to educate the community on steps they can take to protect themselves
– 4,249 face masks created by Lookslike Avido and members of our Bright Futures program have been distributed to community members
– 320 bottles of hand wash have been distributed to small businesses in Kibera
– 100 food packs have been donated to 100 women-led families
We know that everyone around the world is facing immense challenges right now and our hearts go out to everyone who is doing what they can to take care of one another. We are extremely worried about the impact that coronavirus will have on Kibera residents and greatly need your help to continue to try and take as many protective measures as we can.
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