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Uweza Community Center

Eight Years of the Uweza Community Center

Eight years ago today, we officially launched the Uweza Community Center. We decided to celebrate by posting one photo representing every year since we opened. We are grateful to the members of the Kibera community for embracing the center and making it is what it is today and to our…
June 11, 2019
BlogKibera News

The Women of Kibera

Despite years of programming and attention on girls’ and women’s empowerment, the status of women in Kenya is not encouraging. 39% of women ages 15-49 who have ever been married report sexual or physical violence within their marriage. Less than half of currently married and employed women who earn cash are…
March 8, 2019

A Long Walk to High School

Uweza first supported us to school in 2009. We joined Class 1 (first grade) at Olympic Primary School. Our life changed compared to the life we had in pre-school. We had everything we needed, for example, textbooks, pencils, and exercise books, just to name a few. We were not sent…
April 19, 2017
Girls Club

A Girl’s Journey

What happens when you give girls the opportunity to speak for themselves? For the last three years, Uweza Foundation has provided an answer to this question by providing an open space at their center where girls from Kibera can meet and discuss issues relevant to their daily lives out without…
March 26, 2016
Art Program

The Art Bus Tour

My name is Evanson Mwaniki. I am twenty years old and just finished my high school education last year. I am now waiting to start university at the end of this year. Currently I am a participating artist at Uweza Art Gallery. As a full-time artist, I have been lacking…
March 22, 2016