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#GivingTuesday is just ONE week from today on December 3rd! We have a lot planned and have been spending every Tuesday leading up to the big day celebrating #ThankfulTuesday and hearing from program participants about why they appreciate everyone who supports Uweza.

Genti has been a player for our women’s soccer team for five years. A few years ago, she also became an assistant coach for our girls and women’s teams. Genti is one of the participants of our Female Fundis initiative and is currently studying plumbing at a vocational training school in Kibera. When we asked Genti about her participation in Uweza’s programs, she said:

“I first joined Uweza because soccer was my passion and I wanted to pursue it. This was the only place that I found where I could pursue my dreams. Now, Uweza is like a family to me. We have so many coaches who mentor us and guide us through our training and we always feel safe when we are at Uweza.

With the money I earn, I am able to pay my house rent, buy food and take care of my daughter. In addition to all the help I get, I really appreciate and feel lucky that Uweza has taken me to school. It’s very rare in our society to find a woman doing men’s work but now I am learning about it and what keeps me going is that I know I can always do and be better.

In the future, I hope to become a professional plumber and to be completely financially independent. I also hope to be selected from Uweza to play for a big team outside of Kenya or for the national women’s team so that I can make Uweza proud.”

To support Genti and Uweza’s soccer program visit: