“I think anyone can do art as long as they have passion for it. Female representation in art spaces is small, including here at Uweza. Being in this space comes with lots of challenges, especially being a woman. I am a mother to a 5 year-old and sometimes motherhood, among other challenges, pushes us women back when it comes to our careers. This allows the other gender to be able excel in certain fields, including art. Also our African background and upbringing have made us believe that art belongs to men and I want to break that belief. If you look at the sales here at Uweza, my paintings move very fast. I am currently working on a piece requested by a client. I feel powerful being in this space.” – Murrel, age 27, artist at Uweza Art Gallery

“My dream has always been to become a nurse. I am a mother of two and received the scholarship through Uweza’s Bright Futures program. Being a mother and in school at the same time is very hectic. I get overwhelmed sometimes, especially during exams. I have to study and attend to my kids at the same time. It can be draining but I push forward.

Life in Kibera is challenging, especially when you become pregnant while still young. Most parents feel like you are a waste or embarrassment to the family and any chance to take you back to school dies right there and then. I would encourage all young mothers to embrace any opportunity coming their way, especially one that involves going back to school. Knowledge is power.”

Mercy, mother and future nurse
“As a female soccer player, I have been discouraged by a lot of people who have told me I won’t go anywhere because I’m a woman. But I always remain hopeful. I push myself a lot and I thank Uweza for empowering me to earn a living from soccer, providing me with a scholarship for a plumbing course, and generally improving my life.

Uweza has brought me from far and I won’t give up easily just because there are people discouraging me. I try not to listen to the outside voice because I believe in my capability to succeed in all the areas that I am good at.”

– Maria, age 21, soccer star and aspiring plumber
“Being a young mother, married, and going back to high school has been a struggle, especially now that national exams are around the corner. I almost lost hope. In addition to providing a scholarship, Uweza covers the costs of daycare for my daughter. I don’t have to worry about her while in class because I know she is taken care of.

My dream job is to open my own pharmacy. I would love to do medicine/nursing after my Form 4 exams so that I can excel in my life, stand strong for myself as a woman, and be independent.​”

– Zura, mother, high school student, Bright Futures member, and future pharmacist