Uweza art classes  are aimed at encouraging Kibera children and youth to explore their creative capabilities. Very few schools in Kibera encourage art or include it in the curriculum and children face pressure from parents, teachers and society to put all their efforts into academics. Persistent poverty in Kibera and a lack of resources greatly limit extracurricular activities, such as art, that are made available to children. Those who may have artistic calling lack opportunities to develop and nurture their talent, which may go undiscovered for the entirety of their lives.

About 30 Kibera youth ages 5 to 22 attend art classes twice a week at the Uweza Community Center.  The program is led by a Kibera-based artist. Participating youth learn basic drawing skills and color mixing before moving on to creating their own pieces.   In addition to weekly classes, the art program also takes trips outside of Kibera to museums, galleries, and art exhibits.  Once participants become more advanced, they are encouraged to joint the Uweza Art Gallery, where they can create artwork that is sold both locally and abroad.  To purchase one of the pieces created by Uweza art students, visit:


ART CLASSES FOR DEAF STUDENTS: Inspired by a visit by the Starkey Hearing Foundation to Kibera and in partnership with Deaf Aid, Uweza launched two weekly art classes at the Greenhouse school, a primary school for deaf students located just outside of Kibera.   Special needs students in Kenya are often neglected and marginalized and we are proud to work with Deaf Aid and the Greenhouse School to provide their students with the opportunity to express themselves creatively and explore their artistic capabilities.