We are fighting Covid-19 in Kibera

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We empower children and youth in Kibera, Kenya to pursue a path to a better future through the discovery and development of their talents and abilities.

We are community-based.

Our programs and solutions are designed and implemented by a team of dedicated Kibera residents. Our program participants are active agents of their own empowerment.

We listen.

We regularly seek feedback and input from our program participants, their parents, and the community. We conduct independent research on our methods and adjust accordingly.

We focus on the positive.

Although Kibera residents face many hardships, we believe that the positive aspects of life in Kibera, the abundant resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness, are what will drive sustainable change.

Our impact is long-lasting.

With 11 years of experience, we favor long-term investments in the lives of youth over quick solutions. We seek to build the next generation of leaders who will continue to change their community for the better.

“If there was no Uweza, I really don’t know what I would be doing.”

Get to know some of the children and youth we work with.